Crack BPSC with India's Super Teachers

25+ Courses by Super Teachers

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BPSC Super Coaching includes

  • Courses by India's Super Teachers & Institutes
  • Prelims, Mains, Optional Subject and Interview Preparation
  • Daily Live Classes including Current Affairs, Doubts, etc
  • Structured Study Notes for all subjects
  • Complete Question Bank for Practice
  • Mock Test for Prelims and Mains
  • Previous Year Papers
Also get Free Testbook PASS Worth ₹499
All exams covered with 50000+ Mock tests

Daily Live Series

Current Affairs, Revision/Doubt, Bihar Special, Strategy etc.

220+ Mock Tests for BPSC

Prelims mock tests covering previous year papers, subject & chapter level tests.

250+ Study Notes

All subject notes

Crack BPSC with India's Super Teachers

25+Courses by Super Teachers
1000+Live Class by Experts
250+Study Notes
220+Mock Tests
Also get Free Testbook PASS Worth ₹499
All exams covered with 50000+ Mock tests
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FAQs about BPSC

Why should I take the "SuperCoaching for the BPSC Exam"?
Learners studying for the BPSC test can access courses taught by Bihar's Super Teachers for an affordable cost through SuperCoaching. SuperCoaching has been designed in such a way that it encompasses all areas of BPSC preparation, including Current Affairs, Optional Subjects, entire General Studies preparation for both Prelims and Mains, Mock Interviews, etc.
What do you mean by a Super Teacher?
Super Teachers are the greatest teachers in their particular courses and domains from throughout the country. They are not only well-known for their exceptional ability to explain topics, but they have also helped thousands of aspirants succeed over the years, making them the most sought-after mentors in their respective fields. Guru Rahman Sir, for example, is the go-to-teacher for History topics because of his ability to bring out the best in students, particularly those from non-humanities backgrounds.
How to get FREE "SuperCoaching" Demo Lessons?
Users on Testbook simply need to click on "Start Free Demo" to gain access to each Super Teacher's free sessions, as well as Study Notes, Practice Questions, and Quizzes. To access the free demo classes, new users sign up by providing their name, a valid email address, and a valid mobile number.
Will I be able to voice my concerns? If so, how exactly?
Yes, once you've purchased SuperCoaching, go to your course dashboard's "Doubts & Discussion" option and ask any subject-related questions. Experts shall help you with your query within 24 hours.
Will I be able to take the tests? Is it essential to buy the test series separately?
SuperCoaching is available as part of a package that also includes access to the test series. We recommend that you take the tests in conjunction with the SuperCoaching courses so that you may obtain real-world exam experience. This will, of course, assist you in assessing your current degree of preparation.
When shall the SuperCoaching begin and how long will it last?
The SuperCoaching plan begins the moment you make a purchase for it. The validity of SuperCoaching is determined by the plan you purchased, and you will have access to it until the plan expires. You may also check the validity of your SuperCoaching in your account settings or on the main page.
What is the Testbook students' past selection record?
Testbook has over 50,246+ selections. To check our past selections, check out the Selection details on our dedicated page by clicking on the top left menu on the app dashboard.
In what way can I buy this course?
Click "Enroll Now"/"Buy Now" on the Testbook App, then sign up with your name, valid email address, new password, and a valid cellphone number. Then you can choose between Card (Debit or Credit), Netbanking, Mobile Wallet, and UPI as a payment option. You will receive confirmation from us after your payment has been received, and your course will be added to your account. Contact our toll-free number at 1800 8330 800 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for extra assistance.
Is it possible to download the classes?
Yes. On the Testbook App, you will be able to download the classes. They can be found under the app's Downloads section.
Will there be video classes or live classes?
Our panel of Super Teachers and Testbook professionals offer video courses and live classes through SuperCoaching. These will feature a variety of live classes that will take place on a daily basis. Until Although we encourage you to stick to the course schedule, you will be able to watch recordings of these classes on our platform if you are unable to do so for whatever reason. your SuperCoaching expires, you will have access to both live series and video courses.
What happens if I'm unable to attend a live class? Once I purchase SuperCoaching, how shall I access the same?
Once the course has been added to your account, log in and select "Super" from the Testbook App to access SuperCoaching. Contact our toll-free number at 1800 8330 800, which is open from 10 AM to 6 PM, for extra assistance.
These courses are available for purchase through the Teacher's website. So, why should I purchase SuperCoaching?
SuperCoaching promises a variety of courses and services under one roof at a low rate. If you try to buy the same thing separately from different platforms, it will get quite costly. Some courses can cost up to INR 50,000. You will be able to access all of the teachers' courses under one SuperCoaching account at no additional cost when you join us.
Which optional subjects does SuperCoaching cover?
SuperCoaching currently provides optional Economics, Geography, and History courses. More optional subject courses will be added soon.
How can I get access to SuperCoaching's optional subject courses?
Simply go to the Super Tab and select BPSC Goal once you've logged in to the app. To access the various Optional courses, go to Courses > Optional Courses.
What's the difference between SuperCoaching and Testbook? If that's the case, what does SuperCoaching have to offer?
SuperCoaching is part of Testbook's endeavour to provide aspirants with high-quality preparation materials that include a variety of add-ons. The concept of SuperCoaching was developed to assist students in gaining access to all of the country's greatest or, more accurately, exceptional instructors. It is a comprehensive preparation platform that includes Tests, Courses, and Live Classes.
What if the times of my live series clash?
We make every effort to avoid scheduling conflicts between classes. However, because there are so many educators providing so many classes, the timings may overlap for some. Missed live classes can be seen by selecting the series from the app's live classes section.
How can I use the Referral code to enrol in SuperCoaching?
Click the 'Join BPSC SuperCoaching' button once you've logged into the Testbook app. You'll see a box where you can apply for a coupon. Fill in the textbox with the referral code. As soon as it's completed, the promised discount will be added to the original price.
Will the notes be made available in both English and Hindi?
Yes, both Hindi and English will be offered in the Notes and PDFs.
Who should buy SuperCoaching to prepare for the BPSC?
This course is designed for all types of students. It will fit the requirements well whether you are a fresher, a working professional, or someone who has been studying for the BPSC for a long period. We address concepts from the fundamentals to the higher levels, allowing applicants to gain a better understanding of the topics. This comprises NCERT subjects and GS Foundation preparation for both the Prelims and Mains. In addition, the optional subjects are well addressed. We provide high-quality video lectures that can be viewed at your leisure. Aspirants who want a self-paced course would benefit from this flexibility.
What is the best selection for an optional subject?
We have a dedicated team of counsellors who can assist you with any questions you may have. Please get in touch with our staff of counsellors. They will assist you in selecting a superior BPSC optional subject based on your potential and interests.
Is it possible to obtain a SuperCoaching Brochure?
Yes, you can find it on your app dashboard's BPSC goal area, beneath the "Download brochure" option. It should, hopefully, address all of your concerns.
Will the course materials be in hard copy or soft copy, and will they be downloadable?
The course materials will be provided in PDF format, which can be downloaded. If necessary, candidates can transfer the information to a hard copy format.
Is there any viewing limit on these classes to watch?
No, students are free to watch the videos as many times as they like. There are no constraints on this from our end.
After I pay for SuperCoaching, what should I expect?
Once you've paid for SuperCoaching, you'll have access to all of the courses. You can watch recorded sessions, attend live classes, attempt mock tests and download study materials as needed.
What distinguishes Super Teachers from regular BPSC teachers?
The Super Teachers are as good as their names suggest. When it comes to selecting these teachers for our pool, we have a set of criteria that we use. The following are the main criteria: 1. Super teachers have at least 5 years of experience. 2. In terms of popularity and picks, these are among the top 5 teachers in their respective subjects. 3. You must have taught at least 1000 pupils in a classroom setting. 4. We value both academic and professional qualifications equally.
What sets SuperCoaching apart from other online coaching programmes?
When comparing the offerings, it becomes evident. While most online coachings only give classes for a single exam or course, SuperCoaching offers a wide range of courses. You'll be able to receive access to courses for Prelims, Mains, and optional subjects with us.
I am going to appear for the very first time. Could you please advise me on how I should proceed?
Start with the fundamentals if this is your first time. We recommend that you start with NCERT. You can look at Guru Rahman sir's and others' BPSC GS course and watch their video lessons.
SuperCoaching is far less expensive than other online competitors. Then why is it regarded as the best of all?
Since, the high quality of education is provided, we consider it to be the best. Some players in this industry provide live classes, which might be expensive. We understand that the self-paced video courses are preferred by the majority of BPSC candidates. With the SuperCoaching approach, we ensure that our high-quality recorded courses cover everything with ease. From a strictly commercial standpoint, we are merely passing on the benefit to the students. Our live classes include current events, daily mock tests, and revision classes to close any gaps that may exist.